Applied Chemistry
Length of schooling: Four years Degree conferred: Bachelor of Science Training objective: This specialty requires students to master solid chemical theory knowledge and experimental skills

Biotechnology and Molecular Biology
Biotechnology and Molecular Biology is a key discipline of Zhejiang A & F University and was established on the basis of top priority discipline silviculture in Zhejiang Province (the students

Design is now a university-level first-level discipline of Zhejiang A & F University. The discipline was founded in 1999 as Design Art, and was one of the earliest disciplines set up. In 2006

Civil Engineering
I. Discipline Overview The discipline Civil Engineering, established in 2003, is a supportive discipline of Civil Engineering, Architecture, Landscape Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Landscape

Chemical Biology
Chemical Biology is a second-level discipline which is subordinate to the master’s degree program of first-level discipline biology and not included in the catalogue of disciplines of the Ministry

Ecology is a key discipline in Zhejiang Province, obtaining the master’s degree program in Ecology in 2006 and the master’s degree program in the first-level discipline Ecology in 2011. The acade...

Ecology (Ecological Engineering Technology)
Length of Schooling: Four Years Degree Conferred: Bachelor of Science Training Objectives: This major is designed to cultivate high-quality applied talents who have solid basic theory, knowledge

Cultivation and Utilization of Bamboo Forest
The Cultivation and Utilization of Bamboo Forests is a characteristic and superior discipline of Zhejiang A & F University. After many years of construction, it has formed a relatively stable teach...

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