College of Environment and Resources
College of Environment and Resources  >> The history of the College of Environment & Resources can be traced back to the Department of Forestry at the beginning of the founding of the school in 195...

Jiyang College
Jiyang College  >> Jiyang College of Zhejiang A&F University, formerly known as the Tianmu College of Zhejiang Forestry University, was founded by Zhejiang Forestry University (predecessor

Wildlife Conservation and Utilization
This major has research directions of Wildlife Resource Conservation and Utilization, Animal Husbandry and Animal Disease Prevention and Control. There are 14 teachers, including five professors

Veterinary Medicine
Veterinary Medicine Discipline Length of schooling: 4 years Degrees conferred: Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Veterinary Medicine is one of the important research fields in Life Science, and it...

Tea Culture
The discipline Folklore (Tea Culture) is a university-level Key Cultivation program in Zhejiang A & F University. With Ecological Culture as the framework, the discipline forms its academic support

Soil Science
I. Discipline overview The Soil Science discipline of Zhejiang A&F University grew out of the Soil Science teaching and research group at the beginning of the school’s founding, then obtained

Landscape Architecture
I. Development Status of the Discipline The discipline “Landscape Architecture” in Zhejiang A & F University was originally “Urban Planning and Design” (including Landscape Architecture and Des...

Genetics was founded in 1958 and was included in the key disciplines at theministerial and provincial level in2004. There are 18 tutors, including six professors, two distinguished professors

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