Zhejiang A&F University in Brief

Established in 1958, Zhejiang A&F University (ZAFU) is a provincial-level key university jointly built by the provincial government and the National Forestry and Grassland Administration.

Over the past 60 years, the university has grown to cover three campuses, with a total area of 213 hectares. As a multidisciplinary university, it offers eight discipline classes, with strengths in agriculture, forestry, and the biological environment. Currently, the disciplines of Engineering, Plant & Animal Science, and Agricultural Science rank in the top 1% of Essential Science Indicators; ZAFU is now ranked in the National Top 200 Universities according to the Academic Ranking of World Universities.



The Industry of Biological Species

* Plant genome, germplasm innovation

* Breeding of new varieties, seed technology

* Facility agriculture

Food Quality & Safety, and the Processing and Trade of Agroforestry Products

* Prevention and control of forest pests

* The safety and intensive processing of agroforestry products

* The trade of agroforestry products

Breeding Healthy Animals and Biological Agents

* Breeding healthy animals and new feed

* Animal healthy breeding

* Biological agents

Cultivation of Forest Resources

* Bamboo breeding

* Economic forest breeding and utilization

* Timberand ecological breeding

Bio-based Materials and Biomass Energy

*Wood-based resources utilization

*New bio-based materials

*Biomass energy

Inhabitation Environment Design and Green Architecture

*Landscape architecture and ecological planning and design

*Ornamental plant breeding and utilization

*Green building in rural areas and ancient town protection

Agroforestry Carbon Sink and Ecological Environment Rehabilitation

*Carbon sequestration, emission reduction and carbon sink trade

*Environmental pollution control and ecological rehabilitation

*High efficiency and Sustainable utilization of agricultural resources


*Tea culture

*Theory and practice of Eco-culture

*The spread of Eco-culture

*Eco-tourism and health

Smart Agroforestry

*Digital agroforestryand precision agroforestry

*Agroforestry internet

*Agroforestry equipment and mechanization

Chinese Farmers’ Development

*Modern agroforestry business entity

*Farmers’ rights, interests and migration

*Policies on agriculture, farmers and rural areas


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