ZAFU focus on 10 research orientations: the industry of biological species, breeding healthy animals and biological agents, bio-based materials and biomass energy, agroforestry carbon sink and ecological environment rehabilitation, smart agroforestry, food quality & safety and the processing and trade of agroforestry products, cultivation of forest resources, inhabitation environment design and green architecture, eco-culture and Chinese farmers’ development. In the past five years, the university has received RMB 970 million in research funds for national research projects, and it has successively won eight national scientific research awards, published 5,595 articles, and obtained 1,307 patents.

Research Orientation

The Industry of Biological Species

* Plant genome, germplasm innovation

* Breeding of new varieties, seed technology

* Facility agriculture

Food Quality & Safety, and the Processing and Trade of Agroforestry Products

* Prevention and control of forest pests

* The safety and intensive processing of agroforestry products

* The trade of agroforestry products

Breeding Healthy Animals and Biological Agents

* Breeding healthy animals and new feed

* Animal healthy breeding

* Biological agents

Cultivation of Forest Resources

* Bamboo breeding

* Economic forest breeding and utilization

* Timberand ecological breeding

Bio-based Materials and Biomass Energy

*Wood-based resources utilization

*New bio-based materials

*Biomass energy

Inhabitation Environment Design and Green Architecture

*Landscape architecture and ecological planning and design

*Ornamental plant breeding and utilization

*Green building in rural areas and ancient town protection

Agroforestry Carbon Sink and Ecological Environment Rehabilitation

*Carbon sequestration, emission reduction and carbon sink trade

*Environmental pollution control and ecological rehabilitation

*High efficiency and Sustainable utilization of agricultural resources


*Tea culture

*Theory and practice of Eco-culture

*The spread of Eco-culture

*Eco-tourism and health

Smart Agroforestry

*Digital agroforestryand precision agroforestry

*Agroforestry internet

*Agroforestry equipment and mechanization

Chinese Farmers’ Development

*Modern agroforestry business entity

*Farmers’ rights, interests and migration

*Policies on agriculture, farmers and rural areas


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