Applied Chemistry
time:Jul 13, 2018 14:56

Length of schooling: Four years Degree conferred: Bachelor of Science

Training objective: This specialty requires students to master solid chemical theory knowledge and experimental skills and understand the development status and trends in Applied Chemistry. It emphasizes a solid foundation, a wide scope and a comprehensive quality cultivation, and pays attention to the combination of theory and practice, analysis and synthesis, and inheritance and innovation. It aims to train inter-disciplinary and innovative talents who have good scientific literacy, solid applied chemistry theory basis, and can be engaged in the research and development, popularization and application, management and technology cultivation of chemistry and related specialties.

Main courses: Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Modern Instrumental Analysis, Chemistry and Physics of Polymers, High Polymer Material Processing and Technology, Organic Synthesis, Principles of Chemical Engineering, Forest Product Processing and Utilization, Fine Chemicals and Application, Forest Product Inspection.

Further education and employment direction: Graduates can take a postgraduate exam in chemistry, applied chemistry, medicine, environmental science, biology and other related specialties, and can apply for the related postgraduate programs in which the school cooperates with foreign universities. They can engage in new technology and new product development, product quality inspection and environmental monitoring and other technologies in scientific research institutions, commodity inspectors, the chemical industry, instrument handling, environmental protection, medicine, foreign trade, customs, quality inspection, food industry, energy, building materials and technology companies, and other enterprises and institutions; or they can be engaged in scientific research, teaching, and technical supervision, etc.


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