Applied Statistics
time:Jul 13, 2018 14:55

Length of schooling: Four years Degree conferred: Bachelor of Science

Training objective: This major is designed to train applied statistics talents who have an ecological civilization consciousness, an international vision and innovative spirit, a good mathematics foundation and the basic theory of statistics, have a relatively large knowledge of social and economic fields, a strong operational ability, high ideological and moral qualities, and can be engaged in statistical surveys, data analysis, risk decisions, information management, and other research and development, application and management in society, the economy, finance, insurance, IT, science and technology, government agencies and other departments.

Main courses: Statistics, Probability Theory, Mathematical Statistics, Sampling Investigation, Experimental Design and Analysis, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Applied Regression Analysis, Multivariate Statistical Analysis, Time Series Analysis, Statistical Software, Data Mining, Financial Market Analysis and so on. It sets up two professional directions of economic management statistics and data analysis.

Employment direction: Graduates may take postgraduate exams in statistics, economics and management and other directions of universities and institutes at home and abroad for further education, or may enter themselves in an examination of the “2+2” program, in which the specialty cooperates with the University of South Carolina. Graduates can engage in the development, application and management of statistical investigation, statistical information management and data analysis in enterprises and institutions as well as economics, finance, insurance, IT and technology and other management departments.

Training characteristics: The demand for data analysis talent is currently very strong in the Internet era, and this specialty takes statistical investigation plan design, statistical modeling competition and professional practice as its core, strengthens the practical and innovative ability training of the actual survey and data analysis, and focuses on improving the students' employment competitiveness. In the last four years, students have won awards from the National Statistical Modeling and the Statistical Investigation Plan Design of Zhejiang, and in other competitions have come out top in the provincial universities.

A number of students were admitted to Beijing University of Technology, Capital University of Economics and Business, Shanghai University, Liaoning University and Zhejiang Gongshang University—among other institutions—with a Master’s of Statistics and Finance. There are students working in well-known, major companies such as Pfizer China, Hua Data Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., and Hangzhou SkiMobi Technology Co., Ltd. (Nasdaq listed). On average, almost 20% of graduates in this specialty were employed in the People's Bank of China, China Construction Bank, the Agricultural Bank of China, ICBC and other banks from 2013 to 2015. The career prospects of students are bright, and their employment level is generally higher than most disciplines.


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