Chemical Biology
time:Jul 13, 2018 14:51

Chemical Biology is a second-level discipline which is subordinate to the master’s degree program of first-level discipline biology and not included in the catalogue of disciplines of the Ministry of Education. The master’s degree program, a second-level discipline, integrates the high-quality resources of biotechnology and molecular biology and research on biochemistry in Chinese traditional medicine, and relies on Chinese traditional medicine for independent recruitment. The discipline Chinese Traditional Medicine focuses on the evaluation, development and utilization of Chinese traditional medicine resources as its research emphasis and concludes two research directions with distinctive features and obvious advantages, namely the evaluation and utilization of Chinese Traditional Medicine resources, and the functional factors of natural products. A teacher team consisting of 19 academic backbone people has been set up, among whom seven people have the experience of studying and working abroad, and there are two doctoral tutors, six professors, two associate professors, eleven lecturers, ten doctors and two doctoral candidates; there is one person included in the national “New Century Excellent Talent Support Program of the Ministry of Education”, two people included in the “Thousand Talents Plan” in Zhejiang Province, one high-level innovative talent in Medicine and Health in Zhejiang Province, two “Distinguished Professors” from Zhejiang Province, one second-tier talent included in the “New Century 151 Talent Program”, and many other professors working in national professional societies. The hierarchical structure of the discipline’s echelon is efficient, and a high-level teaching and scientific research team mainly composed of Young and Middle-Aged Backbone teachers has been formed.

In the last five years, the discipline teachers have presided over and participated in more than 20 national scientific research projects including: “Research On The Impact Of Regulation Mechanism Of Auxin Response Factor (ARF) On The Survival Of Pecan After Grafting”, “Research On The After-Ripening Development And Storing Properties Of Panax Notoginseng Seeds”, “Research On The Hybridization Barriers Of Two Primordial Plants Of Anoectochilus Formosanus And Their Mechanism”, “Feasibility Study On Application Of -H2AX For Detection Of Environmental Genotoxic Agents” and other “863” Program, “973” Program, projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, international cooperation projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology, national key basic research and development programs, the National Program of Modernization of Chinese Traditional Medicine, and have successively completed more than 50 projects including the projects of provincial-level natural science foundations, key provincial projects, provincial scientific and technological projects and projects for the Provincial Education Department, for which the scientific research funds in place are more than 8 million Yuan. Three awards at the provincial level and above have been obtained, and the discipline has published more than 400 papers, including more than 200 papers collected SCI and more than 100 papers in first grade journals; staff and students have chiefly complied or co-complied dozens of pieces of academic literature, applied for nearly one hundred invention patents, and obtained the authorization of dozens of invention patents.


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