Chinese Traditional Medicine
time:Jul 13, 2018 14:50

Length of Schooling: Four Years Degree Conferred: Bachelor of Science

Training Objectives: The major is designed to cultivate the applied talents who have basic theory, knowledge and professional skills in Chinese Traditional Medicine, who can master the related knowledge and skills of the cultivation, development and utilization of the resources of traditional Chinese medicine, and the drug production management and marketing, and have a solid foundation, strong practical abilities, a high comprehensive quality, a spirit of innovation and solid entrepreneurship abilities.

Main Courses: Chinese Traditional Medicine, Foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Formulas of Chinese Medicine, Chemistry of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Pharmacology of Chinese Traditional Medicine, ResourceScience of Chinese Traditional Medicine, Preparation of Chinese Traditional Medicine, Identification of Chinese Traditional Medicine, Pharmacy of Chinese Traditional Medicine, Analysis of Preparation in Chinese Traditional Medicine, Culture of Pharmaceutical Plants, Breeding of Pharmaceutical Plants, etc.

Employment Direction: The graduates of the major may engage in research, management, identification, inspection, sales, services and other related work in health administrative departments at all levels, and in fields such as pharmaceutical enterprises, quality inspection, food and health industry, medical colleges, medicinal material planting bases, pharmacies and drugstores, community hospitals, and other units and institutions—additionally, students have good employment prospects, as well as opportunities for further study.

The major relies on the discipline Chinese Traditional Medicine, and the provincial top propriety discipline Silviculture, the key discipline of State Forestry Administration, Genetics, among other disciplines. It has one National Key Laboratory Cultivation Base and three provincial-level innovation platforms.

At present, the university already has two first-level master’s degree programs in Forestry and Biology closely related to the major, and second-level master’s degree programs in Silviculture, Genetics, and Chemical biology, among others.


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