Civil Engineering
time:Jul 13, 2018 14:49

I. Discipline Overview

The discipline Civil Engineering, established in 2003, is a supportive discipline of Civil Engineering, Architecture, Landscape Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Landscape Art, Environmental Engineering and other related disciplines, and a Key Cultivation Discipline of Zhejiang A & F University.

For the discipline Civil Engineering, there are 16 full-time teachers and two full-time laboratory technicians. Among the full-time teachers, there are two professors and professor-level senior engineers, six associate professors and senior engineers, eight people with medium-grade professional titles, five people with doctoral degrees, nine people with the master’s degrees and one Ph.D. candidate. One full-time laboratory technician possesses a medium-grade professional title and the other possesses a junior professional title. One teacher has won the National Xu Zhilun Mechanics Teacher Award.

II. Research Directions

The existing academic directions of civil engineering include numerical analysis and its engineering applications, mechanical properties analysis of functionally graded materials, soft soil foundation treatment, engineering geological disaster prevention and control, structure detection and reinforcement, concrete material performance improvement technology and engineering cost management. There are solid research foundations in the fields of computational mechanics, geotechnical engineering, structural engineering and engineering management.

III. Research Results

Research has been conducted on science and technology and teaching research in the discipline Civil Engineering, and it has achieved fruitful results. Over 100 academic papers have been published, of which 12 papers were collected by SCI and 30 papers by EI. Other achievements include as follows: attending 16 international academic conferences, taking charge of one Youth Fund Program from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, participating in 9 National Fund programs, taking charge of three programs of Natural Science Foundation of Zhejiang Province, participating in 12 provincial-level programs for the Natural Science Foundation, taking charge of two programs in Humanities And Social Sciences at the Ministry of Education, and more than 30 crossing research projects, with annual average scientific research funds of more than 300,000 Yuan. Additionally, it has taken charge of five university-level Excellent Courses, one New Century Teaching Reform program in Zhejiang Province and one second prize for the university-level Teaching Achievements.

IV. Talent Cultivation

The discipline Civil Engineering undertakes the teaching of the civil engineering major, and part of the teaching of architecture, landscape engineering, landscape architecture, landscape art, environmental engineering and other undergraduate programs. Civil engineering students won six third-place prizes at the National Zhou Peiyuan Mechanics Competition for College Students, 15 Excellence Awards, won one group second prize at the National Basic Mechanics Experimental Skills Competition for College Students, three individual second-place prizes, and 9 individual third-place prizes, won one first prize, 12 second-place prizes and 9 third-place prizes in the Structure Design Competition for College Students in Zhejiang Province. Each year, 4-5 graduate students are admitted to colleges and universities associated with “985” Projects or “211” Projects.

V. Condition Construction

The civil engineering construction covers civil engineering materials, architectural structure, geotechnical engineering, mechanics of materials, fluid mechanics, computer engineering application laboratory, and has built an experimental system characterized by engineering dynamic performance tests. There is a special reference room for the discipline, and the annual construction costs of the books and reference materials are 20,000 Yuan.


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