Cultivation and Utilization of Bamboo Forest
time:Jul 13, 2018 14:49

The Cultivation and Utilization of Bamboo Forests is a characteristic and superior discipline of Zhejiang A & F University. After many years of construction, it has formed a relatively stable teacher team with high-level young and middle-aged innovative talents as leaders, young backbone teachers as the main body, combining the knowledge of people of all ages, and having a durable and efficient structure, a higher comprehensive quality and interdisciplinary characteristics. Currently, there are 20 research backbone people in the teacher team, including 12 professors and seven associate professors.

In terms of scientific research, it has undertaken more than 90 scientific research projects including the projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, subprojects of the “863 Program” and the “948 Program”, and major special projects for the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology, as well as 40 projects at the ministerial and provincial level. The total scientific research funds total more than 22 million Yuan, covering the funding needed by the National Natural Science Foundation of China for seven projects such as “Research on Degradation Mechanism of Culture Underclass Lei Bamboo Forest” and “Carbon Survival, Stability and Control Mechanism in The Intensive Operation Progress of Moso Bamboo Forests”. Additionally, more than 100 scientific research papers have been published in journals such as “Molecular Breeding”, “Pedospher”, “Genetica”, “Plant science”, “Forest ecology and management” and “Plant Systematics and Evolution”, including 14 papers collected by SCI and 15 papers in first grade journals; 18 awards for scientific research were won, including three national awards and five ministerial and provincial-level awards, wherein “Peeling Bamboo Veneer Production Technology and Application” won the second prize at the National Award for Technological Invention, and “Key Production Technology, Application Mechanism and Series of Product Developments for Bamboo Charcoal” won the second prize at the 2009 National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology; seven monographs have been published; a number of patents have been applied for, and 15 patents were authorized in the last five years.


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