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Ecology is a key discipline in Zhejiang Province, obtaining the master’s degree program in Ecology in 2006 and the master’s degree program in the first-level discipline Ecology in 2011. The academic leader of the discipline is Professor Jiang Hong, a distinguished professor from the Zhejiang Provincial Government (Qianjiang Scholar). There are 32 discipline teachers, including 17 professors and associate professors, and 20 doctors, to form a talent team with reasonable structure and durable strength. Simultaneously, overseas cooperating professors with higher international influence from countries such as the United States, Canada, Japan and the United Kingdom, have been hired to participate in substantive research, so as to keep the research work synchronized with international cutting-edge research. A master and bachelor cultivation system for ecology with its own characteristics has been formed, and more than 150 postgraduate students have been jointly and independently cultivated.

The discipline focuses on the national demand for global change and regional sustainable development, and the development frontier and hot topics of the discipline, to form three stable research directions of ecological environment monitoring and assessment of regional carbon budgets, response of environmental stress and forest ecosystem function process, restoration of ecology and forest fire prevention and control; it has taken charge of the Terrestrial Ecosystem Positioning Research Network of State Forestry Administration - Zhejiang Mount Tianmu Forest Ecosystem Positioning Station and Yangtze River Delta Regional Monitoring Network in the global AERONET network, established the first Moso Bamboo and Lei Bamboo Forest Carbon-Water Flux Tower Observation System in the world, and is a major member of domestic and overseas advanced research platforms such as the National Key Laboratory Cultivation Base For Sub-Tropical Silviculture in Zhejiang Province, the Key Laboratory of Forest Ecosystem Carbon Cycle and Carbon Fixing and Discharge Reducing in Zhejiang Province and Low Carbon and Internet of Things Technology Joint Laboratory.In the past five years, it has undertaken more than 50 projects, including two projects for the “973” Program, one major project for the National Natural Science Foundation of China, one major international cooperation project for the Ministry of Science and Technology, one platform project for the Ministry of Science and Technology, one sub-project for the major scientific and technological base projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology, two provincial-level major scientific research projects, and eight projects for the National Natural Science Foundation of China. It has funding worth more than 20 Million Yuan; won 15 awards, including one second prize at the National Science and Technology Progress Awards, one first prize and two second prizes at the Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Progress Awards, one second prize from the National Teaching Achievement Award and one first prize from the Zhejiang Provincial Teaching Achievement Award; it has published 215 academic papers, including 90 papers collected by SCI/EI and 60 papers in first grade journals; and presided over twolarge-scale international academic conferences. The total value of existing instruments and equipment amounts to 9.4 million Yuan.


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