Forestry Conservation
time:Jul 13, 2018 14:38

Length of Schooling: Four Years Degree Conferred: Bachelor of Agronomy

Training Objectives: This major is designed to cultivate high-quality talents with the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship ability who develop morally, intellectually, physically and aesthetically in an all-round way, who systematically master the basic knowledge and core skills in aspects such as the theory and methods of comprehensive prevention and control of forestry pests, biological disaster monitoring, warning and control technology, the theory and methods of quarantine and inspection of invasive pests, the development and application technology of modern pesticides, ecological safety theory, who are competent in dealing with issues such as forest pest control, plant inspection and quarantine, bio-pesticide development and application, as well as having a solid foundation, strong practical abilities and a high comprehensive quality.

Main Courses: Botany, Microbiology, General Pathology, General Entomology, Forest Pathology, Forest Entomology, Biopesticide and Biological Control, Integrated Pest Management, Plant Quarantine, Chemical Protection of Forest, Dendrology, Forest Ecology, Experimental Designs and Statistical Analyses, etc.

Employment Direction: Graduates may engage in the production, management, teaching, scientific research and other work in aspects such as forest pest control, plant quarantine, ecological safety and food safety inspection in agriculture, forestry, landscape gardening, environmental protection, customs quarantine control, public health, education and other relevant industry departments; or they may engage in research and development, production, sales and management and other work in fields such as biopesticide production/use, farm-oriented biologicals, green chemical pesticides in enterprises, and supporting/working in public institutions.

The major is supported by the National Teaching Team Of Forestry Conservation, and relies on the national-local joint Engineering Laboratory of Efficient Preparation Technology in Biopesticides, Mount Tianmu National Off-Campus Practice Education Base, the Provincial-Level Top Priority Discipline Forestry Conservation in Zhejiang Province, the “Biological Three Drugs” Science and Technology Innovation Team in Zhejiang Province, the Teaching Team of Forestry Pest Control in Zhejiang Province and a number of other national, provincial-level and industry platforms, to form a distinctive talent cultivation system.

The university currently has doctoral degree programs and master’s degree programs related to the major as follows: doctoral talent cultivation program in Bamboo Resources and Efficient Utilization serving the national special needs, three first-level master’s degree programs in Forestry, Biology, and Ecology, and second-level master’s degree programs in Forestry Conservation,Microbiology, Genetics, Biotechnology and Molecular Biology, among others.


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