Forestry (Sino-Canada Joint Program)
time:Jul 13, 2018 14:39

Length of Schooling: Four Years Degree Conferred: Bachelor of Agronomy

Training Objectives: Through integration with the Forestry Department at the University of British Columbia in Canada (hereinafter referred to as UBC), the program is designed to cultivate senior professional talents in forestry with international competitiveness who have solid basic theory and knowledge in forestry, and master the cutting-edge forestry science technology and skills.

Main Courses: Botany, Plant Physiology, Genetics, Ecology, Soil Science, Meteorology, Silviculture, Forest Conservation, Sustainable Development in Forest, etc.

Employment Direction: After graduating, students have the opportunity to enter into international institutions of higher learning for further study, or have the opportunity to enter domestic and foreign forestry research institutions, governments, enterprises and public institutions for work.

Certificate Issuing: A undergraduate diploma from Zhejiang A & F University will be awarded to students who major in Forestry (Sino-Canada Joint Program) and meet the graduation conditions of Zhejiang A & F University; a bachelor’s degree from Zhejiang A & F University will be awarded to the students who meet the bachelor’s degree awarding conditions of Zhejiang A & F University. The students who meet the admission requirements of UBC may apply for participation in the credit transfer program through Zhejiang A & F University and UBC, and may study at UBC; they will be awarded a bachelor’s degree certificate by UBS after completing all study processes, and meeting the degree awarding conditions UBC has in place.

Major Advantages: UBC is a world-famous university located in the picturesque Vancouver, Canada, a land with a pleasant climate. UBC was ranked 31stin the latest World University Rankings in 2013 (Times Higher Education, authoritative media in the UK). Forestry is one of the most prestigious majors at the university, and among the best compared to similar majors around the world. Their research and talent cultivation regarding forestry is in a leading position in the world. This cooperation project introduces UBC’s advanced education concept, first-class international teachers, scientific course system and teaching content, innovative teaching methods, standardized teaching management modes, quality evaluation systems and other high-quality educational resources to the existing resources at ZAFU’s disposal.


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