Information and Computing Science
time:Jul 13, 2018 14:33

Length of schooling: Four yearsDegree conferred: Bachelor of Science

Training objective: To train applied top talents who adapt to the needs of society, solidly grasp the fundamentals of applied mathematics, master basic theory and methods of information and computing science and have a certain innovative spirit along with a strong practical ability for senior applied talents. Students will have gained prominent mathematic advantages and logical thinking skills upon graduation, can master 1-2 computer mainstream development languages, and can undertake scientific research, application development, network maintenance and other work in the IT, finance, education and other departments.

Main courses: Mathematical Analysis, Advanced Algebra, Probability and Statistics, Operations Research, Advanced Language Programme Design, Data Structure and Algorithm, Database Theory, Numerical Analysis, Computer Graphics, Software Engineering, Object-Oriented Program Design, Computer Aided Geometric Design.

Further education and employment direction:Graduates can apply for postgraduate study in mathematics, computer, economics and other relevant specialties, and can apply for postgraduate programs in which the school cooperates with foreign universities. They can choose to engage in research, application development, network maintenance and management of IT, finance, education and other enterprises and public institutions closely related to mathematics, information technology or software development when employed in the industry.


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