Journalism and Communication
time:Jul 13, 2018 14:32

The discipline Journalism and Communication is a cultivation discipline of the university, once rated as an Advanced Discipline and excellent Party Branch by the university and is a council member of the China Education Association of Advertising and the Specialized Committee for Advertising Education of China Higher Education Association. Three strong research directions exist for the discipline, namely: Advertising Communication, Agricultural Communication and Ecological Culture Communication, which have been established according to the strategic concept and requirements of the development of the university and combined with the realities of the discipline’s research. There are 14 teachers, including three professors, and two members of the Academic Committee of China Advertising Association, one provincial-level “151 Talent”, two teachers winning the title of “Promising Educator” in colleges and universities of Zhejiang Province, one teacher winning the title of “Excellent Instructor” in National Advertising Art Competition for College Students of the Ministry of Education, four teachers winning the title of the “Best Teacher in My Mind” in the university, three teachers rated as “Excellent Instructors” (winning the Academy Award of the China Advertising Association), one teacher acting as the vice chairman of the Zhejiang Association of Communication, and one teacher acting as the member of Zhejiang Professional Teaching Steering Committee of Journalism and Communication in colleges and universities.

In recent years, the discipline teachers took charge of more than 40 provincial and department level scientific research and teaching research projects, published more than 20 books and more than 200 papers, won a first prize and a second prize in teaching achievements at the university, took charge of one excellent course, three teaching teams for the university, 20 education reform projects for the university and three university-level Excellent Courses.

The Advertising subordinate to the discipline is a key construction program in Zhejiang Province, rated as 2013 Annual Excellent Teaching Unit byChina Advertising, an authoritative journal in China’s advertising industry magazine. The discipline focuses on the cultivation of “applied talents”, building a multi-level course system to promote the students to improve professional qualities, participate in discipline competitions and strengthen the training on students’ professional skills, so as to gradually form their own characteristics in the major practice teaching. The students have won more than 1,500 awards in the international and domestic competitions, and more than 100 national patents for appearance design. The discipline has obtained the Outstanding Organization Award from the Academy Awards of the China Advertising Association seven times, the Outstanding Organization Award in the Zhejiang Excellent Advertising Works Competition five times and the title of Outstanding Organization Unit at “Creative Hangzhou” three times.


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