ZAFU Prof. Lucjan Jan Pawlowski honored with the West Lake Friendship Award
time:Mar 19, 2021 09:54

Recently, Prof. Lucjan Jan Pawlowski, one of the distinguished professors at ZAFU, has honored with the West Lake Friendship Award issued by Zhejiang provincial government. Only 50 foreignexperts who are working in Zhejiang province received the honor this year.

Lucjan Jan Pawlowski is a distinguishedprofessorat ZAFUas well as director of China Branch of International Renewable Energy Center. In Poland, he is an outstanding expert in the field of European environmental engineering, serving as a member of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the European Academy of Science and Art, and chairman of the Environmental Engineering Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Since cooperating with our university in 1997, he has made outstanding contributions to talent training, technological innovation, scientific cooperation and achievement transformation in the fields of environmental engineering and governance, climate change, intelligent agriculture, etc. between China and Poland.

The West Lake Friendship Award, established since 1997, is the highest honor issuedbyZhejiang provincial government to recognize the outstanding contributions of foreign experts in the regionaleconomicand social development.


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