Our University Was Approved as a Doctor's Degree Conferring Unit
time:Sep 11, 2018 17:50

On May 10, witheager anticipationfromall the faculty and students, the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council formally issueda notice on theList of Newly Added Doctor's and Master's Degree Conferring Units and Their Academic Degree Authorization Program(XW [2018]No.19). After being approved by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council at its 34thmeeting, our university was titled the doctor's degree conferring unit, andfivedisciplines, including Forestry, Forestry Engineering, Agricultural Resourcesand Environment, Landscape Architecture, Agriculturaland Forestry Economic Management, were approved asfirst-level disciplines ofourdoctor's degree conferring programs. Such achievements indicate that our university has made a historic breakthrough in terms of doctoral degree conferring and first-level discipline of doctor's degree conferring programs, presentingamost generous gift for the 60thanniversary of the university.

After 60 Years of Winds and Rains, Our University StartsIts New Journey.

The university has always attached great importance to the construction of discipline connotation, thus achieving remarkable results in terms of faculty, scientific research, personnel training, social services, cultural heritage and innovation.The successful approval ofourdoctor's degree conferring unit is the most precious giftwe could receivefor the 60thanniversary, the most colorful brush in the development process, and the most important milestone in the personnel training and development history in our university. The processwasfull ofpainstaking effortsbysuccessive universities leaders and generations of the faculty and students in Zhejiang A&F University. It is because of the union and hard work of all the teachers and students in our university, and the great support from the alumni and all sectors of society,that the university can make such achievements.

Only withtheConcentratedEffortsofAll Can We Achieve Success.

In March 2017, the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council started a new round of degree conferring review. Since then, the university has attached great importance to the process by carefully organizing and deploying the work, gathering all the wisdom of the university, and rigorously completing every part of the application in a down-to-earth manner, which finally leads to the realization of the common goal through the joint efforts of all the teachers and students. Among the 28 newly added doctor's degree conferring units, the university has become one ofsevenuniversities that can carry out enrollment, training and degree conferring work since the date when the notice was released, withthenumber ofitsdoctor's degree authorization programsranked the first in the country among these newly added units.

Embark on A New Journey with Strong Momentum.

With the approval of the doctor's degree conferring unit and authorization program, the university is now situated at a new historical starting point and it will firmly stick to the new position, embark on a new journey, sail again with great confidence, explore a new realm with the truth-seeking spirit, make new achievements withadedicatedspirit, and keep making breakthroughs with the spirit of Zhejiang A&F University. It will keep creating wonderful stories, miracles and dreams in Zhejiang A&F University.


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