Biotechnology (Biopharmaceutics)
time:Jul 13, 2018 14:53

Length of Schooling: Four Years Degree Conferred: Bachelor of Science

Training Objectives: The major is to cultivate applied inter-disciplinary talents who have the basic theory and skills in biotechnology and pharmaceutics, who skillfully master the technological process of modern biotechnology and pharmaceutical technology, who have the knowledge and ability of modern biopharmaceutical techniques, who understand technology and pharmaceutical production management and marketing, who focus on the development of knowledge systems using genetic engineering and cell engineering technology to carry out the development and application of biological drugs, who engage in biopharmaceutical production technology management, quality control, product development, technology research, operations and management and other related work, who adapt to the needs of social development, and who have the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Main Courses: Biochemistry, Microbiology, Natural Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Biopharmaceutical Analysis, Genetic Engineering, Cell Engineering, Fermentation Engineering, Protein Engineering, Biopharmaceutical Technology, Principles of Pharmaceutical Engineering, Bioinformatics, Pharmacy, Pharmacology, etc.

Employment Direction: Graduates may engage in production, planning and design, technology development, administrative management, education or research work in aspects such as pharmaceutical production technology management, quality control, product development, biopharmaceuticals and biological pesticides in pharmaceutical companies, research and development institutions, institutions of higher learning, medical companies, drug administrations, drug inspection offices and other departments.

The major is the provincial-level key construction major, and relies on the discipline Chinese Traditional Medicine, as well as the provincial-level top propriety disciplines silviculture and genetics, and has one national key laboratory cultivation base and five provincial-level innovation platforms. There is a doctoral degree program in bamboo resources and efficient utilization, a first-level master’s degree program in biology, and six second-level master’s degree programs in chemical biology, biotechnology and molecular biology, and genetics, among others.


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