time:Jul 13, 2018 14:30

The master’s degree program in Microbiology is subordinate to the provincial-level key discipline Forest Conservation. It was founded in 1958, and now the academic leader is Professor Zhang Liqin, vice chancellor of Zhejiang A & F University. The discipline in 2010 was rated as a National Teaching Team, and has a well-structured academic team, including 10 professors, two researchers, 15 associate professors, 23 doctors, Zhejiang Province, 12 people from the “151” talent project in Zhejiang Province, and two “young and middle-aged” Academic Leaders in Colleges and Universities.

After years of development, the discipline has formed a number of research directions with distinct characteristics and advantages, such as: forest entomology, forest pathology, biological pesticides and forest microbiology. In the last five years, it has undertaken more than 100 projects at the ministerial and provincial level, with total funding reaching 15 million Yuan. It won one second prize in National Teaching Achievement, 24 science and technology awards at the ministerial and provincial level, published more than 120 academic papers, including more than 50 that were collected by SCI, and chiefly compiled and published 43 monographs and textbooks.


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