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The discipline Silviculture of Zhejiang A & F University is a top priority discipline in Zhejiang Province (scientific and technological innovation base of the university affiliated to Zhejiang Province). There are 12 professors and nine associate professors for the discipline. There are scientific research platforms such as the National Key Laboratory Cultivation Base for Subtropical Silviculture, a Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education jointly established by the Ministry of Bamboo Science and Technology and the Provincial Department of Bamboo Science and Technology, the improved Forest Variety Base of the State Forestry Administration, the Bamboo Industry Science and Technology Innovation Service Platform in Zhejiang Province, and the provincial-level Key Laboratory for Modern Silviculture Technology. The laboratory has a dedicated area of 7,800 square meters, and more than 46 million Yuan worth of instruments and equipment, with total assets equalling more than 50 million Yuan. With economic bamboo species, Chinese torreya, pecan, red bayberry, citrus and other economic tree species as the research features, the main research directions of the discipline are the cultivation of forest resources and germplasm innovation, and control and efficient cultivation of forest growth and development systems. During the “Eleventh Five-year Plan” period, the discipline undertook 51 research projects, including 21 national-level projects (13 projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China), 29 major and key projects at ministerial and provincial levels, one project of Special Young Scientific and Technological Talent Cultivation Foundation of the provincial National Natural Science Foundation, for which the scientific research funds in place were worth over 41 million Yuan; published 400 papers, of which 40 papers have been collected by SCI and EI, and the articlepublished inNature Reviews: Geneticswas rated as the first batch of “100 mostinfluential international academic papers in China”. It has published 20 monographs; won 20 awards at the ministerial and provincial level and above, including two National Scientific And Technological Progress awards and two first prizes of the provincial Scientific And Technological Progress Award.


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