Wildlife Conservation and Utilization
time:Jul 13, 2018 14:19

This major has research directions of Wildlife Resource Conservation and Utilization, Animal Husbandry and Animal Disease Prevention and Control. There are 14 teachers, including five professors (including researchers), six associate professors (including associate researchers) and five lecturers (including assistant researchers and experimentalists); the people with doctoral degrees account for 92% of all staff members, and most of them have experience studying and working abroad. The laboratory has an area of 1100m2, and assets of more than 9 million Yuan.

It has undertaken more than 30 scientific research projects at the ministerial and provincial level, including more than 10 state-level projects, with funding of more than 12 Million Yuan. It has obtained six awards from the Ministry of Agriculture and at the provincial and municipal level. It has published more than 80 academic papers, including 21 papers collected by SCI, and applied for eight patents (one patent for an invention and one patent for utility model were approved, respectively). It has set up a National Bilingual Teaching Demonstration Course and two provincial-level Excellent Courses, completed two provincial New Century Teaching Reform projects, chiefly complied and co-complied three “11thFive-Year” Teaching Materials, published four Teaching Reform papers, and won a “Liang Xi Student Award” from the State Forestry Administration for postgraduates. It also conducted teaching and scientific research cooperation with more than 10 enterprises and public institutions such as the CP Group and Guomao Group.


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