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Founded in 2011, Jixian College is an honorary college established with the purpose of implementing elite education at Zhejiang A&F University under the background of the popularization of higher education, and for training innovative and entrepreneurial talents. Jixian College means “a place of gathering elite students and of developing prominent people and talents”. The college respectively set up the both entrepreneurship experimental class and the innovation class.

Jixian College

Innovation Experimental Class

The college aims to cultivate international and academic top-notch talents with “good ideological and moral qualities, solid basic knowledge, broad international views, good scientific literacy and awareness of ecological civilization, outstanding innovative thinking and innovation ability”.

Jixian College set up three innovation experimental classes (including one arts class and two science and engineering classes) for each grade, with 30 students for each class. Students are selected from freshmen at the university (excluding Tianmu College) according to a strict standard. In the freshman and sophomore years, strengthening of basic knowledge is priority; in their junior year, students select their majors according to the provisions of the university, and are provided with major education. After completing their studies as required, any students eligible are granted with a graduation certificate for the corresponding major and diploma, and the university will issue a Certificate of Honor from Jixian College.

The Talent Training in Innovation Experimental Class has the following characteristics:

1. Small-class size teaching

The college implements small-class teaching, and the number of students in a class is 30 or fewer. Great importance is attached to diversified training and the individualized development of students.

2.Double-tutor system

The college provides double tutors for students. In the first stage after admission (freshman and sophomore year), a moral education tutor is provided, to guide students to behave, act and study; in the second stage (junior and senior year) they are provided with a major tutor to arouse the students’ interest in their major, and to improve the specialty literacy of students.

3. Broadening their international horizons

The course setting and teaching content closely follow the latest trending developments in disciplines, and the setting of international courses, lectures, and other forms of learning are used to expand students’ international horizons. Increasing the proportion of bilingual courses, paying attention to the ability to use a foreign language, and improving students’ international communication ability and competitiveness are all goals of this characteristic.

4. Releasing the competitive mechanism

The college introduces an open competitive mechanism in order to improve the school’s talent training quality. The rolling separation system is implemented for students according to the provisions of the college on student selection and separation management; meanwhile, the secondary selection is conducted by the college to provide an opportunity for all outstanding students in the university to enter Jixian College for advanced study.

5. Unique incentive mechanism

Jixian College establishes a relatively sound incentive mechanism for the development and excellence of students. Students are entitled to relevant preferential policies in using college resources. Each year, the college preferentially recommends students to study abroad in universities and colleges to broaden students’ horizons.

Entrepreneurship class

The entrepreneurship experimental class aims to cultivate excellent talents with solid basic knowledge about entrepreneurship, innovation consciousness, and demonstrable entrepreneurial ability. Each year, the Entrepreneurship experimental class selects students from the undergraduate sophomore class throughout the university. The study period is two years, and the students obtaining the required credits and passing the examination are granted with a Certificate of Honor from Jixian College.

The talent training in entrepreneurship class has the following characteristics:

1. Small-class teaching

The entrepreneurship experimental class implements small-class teaching and attaches great importance to case teaching, as well as situational simulation teaching throughout the teaching process.

2. Tutor system

The college employs experts and scholars inside and outside the university, personnel of the corresponding functional departments of the government, entrepreneurs, famous alumni, and other knowledgeable people to serve as tutors for students in the entrepreneurship experimental class, and provide one-on-one guidance and training to students.

3. Three-in-one entrepreneurship education mode

The entrepreneurship class adopts “entrepreneurship theory teaching + entrepreneurship simulation training + entrepreneurship on-the-job practice”, a three-in-one entrepreneurship education model, and pushed students to master the basic knowledge and skills around entrepreneurship and to improve their entrepreneurial quality and ability under the guidance of entrepreneurship tutors.


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