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The College of Information Engineering now has two disciplines of Computer Science and Technology: the Detection Technology and Automatic Equipment Department and the Public Computer Teaching Department. The Computer Science and Technology is the provincial first-class discipline (class B), and a provincial key discipline. There are two master programs in the Forestry Information Technology and Agricultural Informatization, and four full-time postgraduate programs, which are: Computer Science and Technology, Information Management and Information System, Electronic and Information Engineering, and IOT Engineering. Computer Science and Technology is the provincial key construction specialty, provincial characteristic specialty and internationalization specialty, while the Information Management and Information System specialty is the school-level key construction specialty. The Electronic Information Engineering specialty is the school-level characteristic specialty. There are over 1,000 undergraduate students and over 90 postgraduate students in the college. There are 77 faculty members in the college, including two teachers in the provincial entrepreneurship “Thousand Talents Program”, 10 professors, 21 associate professors, 25 master supervisors, five external professors and 41 members with the doctoral degree. The college now has more than 50 overseas students and conducts international cooperation with foreign, well-known colleges and universities, such as the University of British Columbia (UBC), Coventry University (CU), and the University of South Carolina (SC) Upstate.

The college has a school-level information technology experiment teaching center. The building area of the center is about 3,000 m2, and the center has more than 2,200 sets of instruments and equipment, valued at over RMB 10 million. The center has five laboratories: a computer software laboratory, an electrical and electronic laboratory, an electronic integrated laboratory, a digital language laboratory and an assistant design laboratory—as well as 33 sub-rooms. It built forestry information technology applications, student IT innovations, the electronic design innovation laboratory and other on-campus practice bases and has built 15 school-enterprise training bases with the Zhejiang forestry information center, the Lin’an Agricultural Bureau and the Hangzhou Tarena Technology Group in addition to other local government and well-known enterprises.

The college attaches great importance to scientific research, forming a stable research direction in the fields of the digital agriculture and forestry, agriculture and forestry IOT, agriculture and forestry equipment and mechanization, and has obtained research results with distinct characteristics. The college has good scientific research and experiment conditions and is the key laboratory of intelligent monitoring and information technology of Zhejiang. It co-founded the joint laboratory of low carbon and IOT technology with nine famous universities, including: Tsinghua University, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and Beijing University of Post Telecommunication. It also conducts in-depth production-study-research joint projects with several well-known domestic enterprises such as Alibaba and INSIGMA. The Intelligent Agriculture and Forestry Center of Zhejiang A&F University was founded by our college as the leading unit. The college is a council member of the E-commerce Branch of Zhejiang Forestry Industry United Association and a council member of Zhejiang Intelligent Agricultural Industry Alliance. In the last 10 years, the college has obtained 10 ministerial and provincial-level achievement prizes including the teaching achievement prize of Zhejiang, MOE technological award, science and technology progress award of Zhejiang, Liang Xi Forestry Science and Technology Award of State Forestry Bureau, and nearly 20 bureau level achievement prizes. The college keeps close cooperation with the State Forestry Bureau and the forestry administrative departments of Zhejiang, Anhui, Guizhou and other provinces and cities. The research and development results are unitedly promoted, and used by the State Forestry Bureau nationwide, and are included in one out of ten events in the national forestry informatization of "the 12th Five-Year Plan". It participates in the compilation of the development planning of forestry and agriculture related information technology of Zhejiang. The research results have been instructed and approved by many provincial leaders in Zhejiang province, and the participation of the college teachers and students in the construction of rural e-commerce has been praised and affirmed by the Vice Premier Wang Yang. The college results were also reported on CCTV “Half-Hour Economy” and “I Love Invention”, among other columns.  

In recent years, the college has taken various measures to reinforce and cultivate characteristic talents and students' practical ability, opened the outstanding talent training innovation experiment class, and encouraged students to participate in a variety of discipline competitions and other innovation activities, with remarkable achievements. More than 100 people have obtained a master's degree from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhejiang University, Nanjing University, China University of Science and Technology, Tongji University, Southeast University, Harbin Institute of Technology and other domestic famous universities and research institutes; Over the years, our software technology test scores have had the top rank among the universities in the province. The students in our college have won five second-place awards or above in national competitions. The annual average number of winners is 200 in the discipline competition.


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