Chancellor Zhou Guomo Led a Delegation to Poland
time:May 22, 2019 18:00

Recently,professor ZhouGuomo,chancellor of ZAFU led a delegation to Lublin University of Technology(LUT)for three days ,accompanied by the director of International Office and professors from College of Environment and Resources.

From May 13thto May 14th,professor Zhou led a delegation to attend the international conference jointly held by China and Poland on the subject of terrestrial ecosystem and how the renewable energy mitigate the climate change based on carbon sequestration,in which four professors fromZAFU made academic reports.

During the visit,ZAFU signed an agreement for the establishment of"Sino-polandR&D Center for Climate Change Mitigating of A&F Ecosystems"with six other universities or insititutes,including LUT,Polish Academy of Sciences and University of Life Science in Lubin(ULSL) and so on.The delegation held talks to exchange ideas with Professor Piotr Kacejko,President of LUT,Professor Lucjan Pawlowski,Academician of Poliah Academy of Sciences and Honorary Professor of ZAFU,and Professor Zgymunt Litwińczuk,President of ULSL.An extensive discussion was carried out between ZAFU and LUT on summer program,graduate program,PHD joint program,faculty exchange program,and reached an agreement on strenthening cooperation in the areas of environmental engineering.

On May 15th,the delegation participated in the 66thanniversary of LUT,during professor Guomo Zhou was awarded as the honorary professor of LUT in the ceremony and gave a speech about the history of cooperation and exchanges of both sides,indicating there are many opportunities in realms of exchange programs and academic cooperation.


This visiting to Poland has consolidated the partnership, broadened the cooperation, raised the level of collaboration, and thus having laid a solid foundation for further cooperation in a comprehensive and in-depth manner.  

(International Office, College of Environment and Resources)





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