President Ying Yibin Was Awarded the Honorary Professor Award by the Lublin University of Technology
time:Sep 11, 2018 17:53

From May 12 to 16, President Ying Yibin with his delegation visited the Lublin University of Technology and the Polish Academy of Sciences in Poland and was awarded the title“Honorary Professor”by the Lublin University of Technology.

At the appointment ceremony for“Honorary Professor”, Ying Yibin pointed out that Zhejiang is of pivotal significance to "the Belt and Road", in the framework of which Poland is the largest partner in the "16+1" program. In recent years, due to the cooperation with Polish Academy of Sciences and related universities, the university has made considerable contributions to "the Belt and Road", especiallyregardingthe cooperation between China and Poland. He hoped that the two sides would strengthen friendship and deepen cooperation on the basis of mutual benefit, especially in education and scientific research.

They have exchanged ideas and agreed on the establishment ofaChina-Central and Eastern EuropeanScience and Technology Innovation Industrial Park, academic exchanges and cooperation, joint training of doctoral and graduate students, andaZhejiang Overseas Science and Technology Incubation Park. S. Kołodziejczyk, Director of the Polish National Academic Exchange Center, P. Kacejko, President of Lublin University of Technologyand anacademician of Polish Academy of Sciences,andLucjan Pawlowski, the honorary professor of our university,all attended the exchange conference.

During the visit, Ying Yibin also visited the Institute of Agricultural Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, participated in the celebration of the 65thanniversary of Lublin University of Technology and signed a memorandum of cooperation withtheUniversity of Life Sciences in Lublin andtheUniversity of Zielona Gora.

This visit has further promoted our exchanges withthePolish Academy of Sciences and related universities, extended our university's influence inCentral and Eastern Europe, and contributed to our service in "the Belt and Road"project’sconstruction.

The director of the International Department and the relevant teachersfromthe Institute oftheEnvironment and Resources also visited these schools as companionsto the delegation.


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