Start Your Time in ZAFU with Sweat and Persistence.
time:Sep 19, 2019 16:35

The best result of high school is an offer from ZAFU.

The brightest beginning of college life is your being upright and persistent in the sun.


The figure of yours is the scenery itself.    

                             The slogan of yours is the loudest.                                        

                                  Uniform on you, military spirit in your heart,                                        

                                  in this special class, your youth is blooming.                                        


Drops of sweat slip down your cheeks,damping the sleeves.

You still look heroic though the military training almost beats you up.




We integrate the soul into study and lives,incorporating the spirit into the mission of revitalizing themotherland.

We are the youth of Zhejiang A&F University.


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