Introduction to Majors
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Forest Engineering

Landscape Architecture

Agricultural Resource and Environment

Agriculture and Forest Economics and Management

Bamboo Resources and Utilization


College of sciences


College of Arts


College of Marxism

Research of Marxism Signification

College of Animal Science and Technology



College of Tourism and Health

Urban and Rural Planning

Urban and Rural Tourism Planning and Management

College of Information Engineering        

Agriculture Engineering and Information Technology(Agricultural Informatization)

Information Technology of Forestry

College of Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture

Landscape Plant and Ornamental Horticulture


College of Economics and Management

Agriculture and Forest Economics Management

Rural Development

Agriculture Management

College of Agriculture and Food Science

Agronomy and Seed Industry(Plants)

Resources Utilization and PlantConservation(Plant Conservation)

Food Processing and Safety

Agricultural Engineering and Information Technology(Facility Agriculture)

College of Environment and Resources

Forest Management

Agricultural Resources and Environment

Agricultural Environment Conservation

Land Resources Science

Resources Utilization and PlantConservation(Agricultural Resources Utilization)

College of Engineering

Forest Engineering

Wood Science and Technology

Chemical Processing Engineering of Forest Industry

Biomass Energy and Materials

Furniture Design and Engineering

Industry Designand Introduction

Mechanical Engineering

Agriculture Engineering and Information Technology(Agricultural Mechanization)

College of Humanities and Law

Law in Environment and Resources Conservation

Comprising of Chinese Art and Foreign Art

Business English in Agriculture

Urban Management

Agriculture Management (Management and Service of Agricultural Science and Technology)

Ecological Culture

College of Forestry and Biotechnology


Developmental Biology

Chemical Biology



Biotechnology and Molecular Biology

Wildlife Conservation and Utilization

Forest Genetic Breeding


Forest Conservation

Soil, Water Conservation and Desertification Prevention

Cultivation and Utilization of Bamboo Forest


Resources Utilization and Plant Protection(Forest)


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