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College of International Education was formerly established and named International Education Center affiliated to Foreign Affairs Office in 1999. In 2002, College of International Education was officially founded and became one of subordinate schools under Zhejiang A&F University.

In the early years, College of International Education was mainly running joint-education programs between ZAFU and other universities abroad, such as cooperation with South Western Sydney Institute of Technical And Further Education (TAFE) in a three-year college education program and bachelor degree program with University of Western Sydney in Business Administration. Since May 2011, College of International Education has been responsible for international students’ education of ZAFU. Its functions include international students’ recruitment, international students’ management, teaching Chinese as a foreign language and cultural programs for international students, international capacity-building training programs, and global classroom programs.

College of International Education is home to four offices including Administrative Office, Students Affairs Office, Academic Office, and Department Of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. College of International Education boasts a 25-strong faculty and stuff, many of whom studied abroad or have international experiences with strong academic background of Chinese-teaching.

On behalf of the university, College of International Education provides a variety of scholarships for international students including Confucius Institute Scholarship, Zhejiang Provincial Government Scholarship, ZAFU Scholarship as well as Enterprise Scholarship. College of International Education is well equipped for language teaching in term of teaching facilities. In addition, College of International Education is committed to provide international students with out of class practice and internship. College of International Education is also one the official HSK test spots authorized by HSK headquarters, which makes it really convenient for international students to take HSK exams.

The population of international students at College of International Education is growing dramatically. At this moment, there are about 900 students from over 37 countries around the world studying at the university among which around 700 students are pursuing their degrees. According to official ranking by Zhejiang Education Department, the total number of international students at ZAFU has been among the top ten universities for three consecutive years. Meanwhile, global classroom programs and international capacity-building training programs are increasingly maturing, demonstrating a great momentum of development.

In the future, College of International Education will take The Road and Belt Initiative as a great opportunity to seek a sound development of international students’ education by producing high quality international students with a view that one day they will serve their country and mankind as a whole with better professional skills especially in the industry of agriculture, forestry and environment.


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