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Physical education is an important part of the university’s education. With the support of the university, PE is thriving. The sports ground of the university covers a total area of 114,267 square meters, an average of 7.95 square meters per student, which can easily meet the basic needs of teaching and training. More than 7,000 full-time students take physical education classes, with 14 courses in physical education, one health & fitness course and two public elective courses in physical education being available. Thirteen sports teams are set up. The Department has five offices and centers; improves and perfects all management systems of the Department, establishes the guideline of “health first”, deepens teaching reform, standardizes teaching behavior, and pays close attention to course construction and classroom teaching, all in order to significantly improve the teaching quality.

The teaching staff structure is optimized in many aspects, and the overall quality has steadily improved. The Department now is staffed with four administrators and 27 full-time teachers (including 22 males and 9 females), in which there is one professor and 10 associate professors. Among them, one holds a Ph.D. degree and 17 have master’s degrees. After nearly five years of development, the physical education faculty are generally moderate in number and reasonable in structure, which can better meet the needs of work such as physical education, scientific research, and training.

The “Young Teachers Innovation” team with Li Jiyuan as the person in charge, and the “Outdoor Sports Teaching” team under the charge of Zhou Hongwei, have both been set up successfully. The Department of P.E. & Military training has successfully declared three ministerial and provincial-level projects, 13 bureau-level subjects, 27 university-level projects, and published 58 articles. Outdoor sports and athletics are featured courses at ZAFU. A first prize in the National University Games research paper session, and a third prize in physical education teaching results appraised by Federation of University Sport of Hangzhou were awarded.

Every year, more than 11 student group activities such as “the University Sports Meeting” and the “Freshmen Basketball League” are held. There are now 18 student sports associations. The group activities are widely carried out, playing an important role in strengthening students’ physique, and constructing a strong campus sports culture. Under the precondition of ensuring a normal PE teaching and training field for all sports teams, the sports field shall be arranged reasonably so that the competition among students and among teachers shall be conducted alternately to ensure the normal conduct of the annual Men’s Basketball and Women’s basketball, volleyball, football, badminton and table tennis matches among students and staff. After the revision of theNational Student Physical Health Standard, the rate of passing the physical fitness test for students at the university reached 90.0% in 2015, ranking tenth in universities and colleges across the province.

The development of competitive sports has reached a new stage. In the previous five years, the university has won more than 240 gold, silver and bronze medals in national competitions and matches in various counties of Zhejiang Province; it has won more than 10 honorary titles such as the Sportsmanship Award in all kinds of competitions and Outstanding Contribution Award; it won the first place in the National College Students Climbing Championship several times; it won the champion in First Division Women’s League of Zhejiang Province in women’s football; it won multiple champions in National College Students Orienteering Competition; and has maintained its leading position in track and field throughout the country and among the agriculture and forestry universities in east China, and universities in Zhejiang province.

The course of outdoor sports has become a featured sports project in the university. Through the efforts of faculty members, outdoor sports have been in a leading position throughout the country over the years in all aspects of teaching, scientific research or social services. The outdoor sports base of the university was evaluated as “Zhejiang Provincial Youngster Sports Activity Base” in 2012 by the Sports Bureau of Zhejiang Province, and won the title of “National Youngster Outdoor Sports Activity Base” in 2015.

The sports infrastructures are gradually completed. With the support of the university and all parties, the following facilities have been constructed: in Yijin Campus, there is one plastic ground track field (including an artificial turf football pitch), 12 asphalt ground basketball courts, 12 volleyball courts, four plastic tennis courts and one covered sports field; in the East Lake Campus, there are two plastic ground track fields, four asphalt ground basketball courts, four volleyball courts and one tennis court. The combined area of outdoor field at the two campuses is 43,483.66 square meters, while the total area of the indoor venues is 15,809 square meters (and the total area of the indoor venues of Donghu Campus is 7,809.71 square meters).


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