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The history of the College of Environment & Resources can be traced back to the Department of Forestry at the beginning of the founding of the school in 1958; it was renamed the College of Forestry and Biotechnology (College of Environmental Science and Technology) in July 2005, the College of Environmental Science and Technology was set up separately in January 2006, and it was renamed the College of Environment & Resource Sciences in March 2011. The college adheres to the motto of “pursuing high morals, respecting true state, and pursuing the truth and realizing its true meaning", strives to cultivate environment resource high-quality talents with good ecological literacy, practical skills, innovative spirit and entrepreneurial ability. There are more than 1, 000 undergraduate students and over 140 graduate students at the school.

The college has a very strong faculty. There are 87 faculty members, including 62 full-time teachers and 48 teachers with doctoral degrees. There are 41 teachers with senior professional post titles (20 teachers with senior professional post title and 21 teachers with sub-senior professional post titles). There are five doctoral supervisors and 42 master supervisors. Among them, there are: one deputy to the National People's Congress, one special-class expert of Zhejiang province, one “young and middle-aged” expert from Zhejiang province with outstanding contribution, one national “Thousand Talents Program” expert, two “Thousand Talents Program” experts in Zhejiang province; one "151 Talent Engineering" key funding candidate, three people at the first level, four people at the second level, three people at the third level, three experts enjoying special government allowances from the State Council, one national Outstanding Teacher, two prominent teachers of "Universities in Zhejiang province", five “young and middle-aged” academic leaders of universities in Zhejiang, two "Three Educates" advanced individuals of universities in Zhejiang, one advanced individual of teacher's ethics in Zhejiang, one female worker pacemaker from Zhejiang to achieve goals, three "outstanding teachers of colleges and universities" in Zhejiang, and more than 20 part-time and visiting professors.

The college has many ongoing operations. It conducts the collaborative construction of the first national key laboratory of Zhejiang provincial university- National key laboratory of subtropical forests cultivation co-sponsored by province and ministry, the key laboratory of carbon cycle and carbon sequestration and mitigation of forest ecological system of Zhejiang, the key laboratory of soil pollution bio-remediation of Zhejiang, the Zhejiang A&F University- Joint laboratory of forest soil and environment of Institute of Soil Science, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, with the total value of instruments and equipment exceeding RMB 36 million. The teaching achievement of the college-Collaborative construction of “One core and multiple auxiliaries” forest resource management curriculum for Forestry and GISwon the second prize for national teaching achievement. There are one Zhejiang provincial teaching team and one key construction project of provincial-level experimental teaching demonstration center of agricultural forestry environment and resources. It built more than 30 practice teaching bases with the East-China Design Institute of Forestry Inventory Planning, the State Forestry Bureau, the Zhejiang Administration of Surveying Mapping and Geo-information, the Beijing Super-map Software Co., Ltd., the Hangzhou Tianmu mountain national nature reserve, the Environmental Protection Agency of Lin’an and other units. It has two national excellent courses inSoil Science, Forest Management, and two national excellent resource shared courses. It has published more than 20 textbooks, such as national textbook oriented toward the 21stcenturySoil Science, "the 11thFive-Year Plan"Surveying.

The research and innovation momentum of the college is quite strong. In the past five years, it has hosted more than 400 scientific research projects, including more than 55 major projects of national natural science fund, 973 subjects, 863 projects, general projects for the natural science fund, and 72 provincial and ministerial-level projects, including major science and technology projects of Zhejiang province, key projects of provincial natural science fund, and the paid-in expenditure is up to RMB 73.97 million. It won two National Prizes for Progress in Science and Technology (participating), a second prize of the environmental protection science and technology prize (participating), won two first prizes and a second prize of science and technology of Zhejiang, a first prize of environmental protection and technology of Zhejiang, and four China Liang Xi forestry science and technology awards. It has published more than 500 academic papers in core journals or above at home and abroad, including more than 110 SCI, EI papers, its published 20 monographs, obtained 48 authorized national invention patents, 32 utility model patents, and 33 software copyrights. It obtained two Zhejiang science and technology innovation teams.

The college talent training has achieved remarkable results. Taking courses, using classroom construction as the core, practice teaching as the driving force, and teachers' scientific research and discipline competition as the platform, the teaching, scientific research and practice are integrated, the postgraduate students and undergraduate students help each other, the dual culture of industry-college-institute cooperation is deepened, and multiple personnel training modes such as "enterprise order" or “dual culture of Universities and Enterprises” have been formed. It actively promotes the implementation of "refined" education systems, vigorously promotes students to take part in the postgraduate entrance exams, study abroad programs, and to become self-employed, realizing the new breakthroughs in the quality of talent cultivation. In recent years, the college has successfully undertaken "National college student GIS software development competition", "National college student social practice and science and technology competition for energy conservation and emissions reduction", "Chemical design competition of college students in Zhejiang Province", "Southern Cup-Measurement skills competition of universities in Zhejiang Province and measurement skills competition of Zhejiang A&F University", "College students’ beautiful rural planning designing competition” and other college students' scientific and technological competition activities. Students won more than 100 national, ministerial, and provincial-level discipline competition awards, including the gold award of "Challenge Cup" national university student extracurricular academic science and technology works competition, the first prize of "Super-map Cup" national university GIS competition, the first prize and second prize of the 2ndnational college student environmental ecological science and technology innovation contest, the first prize of the National College English Contest, the first prize of the National Mathematical Competition in Modeling, the first prize of the National College Math Contest, the second prize of the 10thNational College Chemical Design Competition, the second prize of "Tianyu Cup" 4thnational college students’ surveying and mapping skills contest, the second prize and third prize of national college students' “energy conservation and emissions reduction competition”, won the provincial third prize of chemical engineering design competition of college students in Zhejiang province, and the first prize of "Challenge Cup" extracurricular academic science and technology works of college students in Zhejiang Province. The students independently declare and host more than 150 science and technology innovation activity plans (Xinmiao Talents Program) in Zhejiang and the school science and technology innovation activity plan projects; Students are actively involved in the research of various research projects, open projects in laboratories, and college student summer social practice activities more than 2,000 people at a time. The postgraduate students have published more than 200 academic papers, of which 51 papers are included in SCI and 92 are included in the first-class journals. In recent years, the employment rate of undergraduate graduates has reached 98%, and the employment rate of graduate students has reached 100%.

The college has extensive international exchanges and cooperation. It has established the cooperative education relation of "2+2", "4+1", short-term visiting and other forms with Auburn University, University of Portsmouth, Hong Kong Baptist University and other institutions of higher education. The Environmental Sciences undergraduate program is jointly operated with University of Alberta, and the joint running projects ofMiddlesex Universityand Royal Roads University have made additional progress. In recent years, the college has successfully hosted the "Forest carbon sinks and global climate change", Sino-Germany "Mechanism and role of Eurasian forest ecosystem immobilization of carbon dioxide", cross-Strait forest management forum, the 1stInternational Conference of Ecological Assessment and Restoration of Polluted Soil, the 2ndInternational Training Class of Biomass Charcoal Production, Inspection and Application and other international academic conferences, and more than 100 foreign famous experts and scholars have given lectures in our college.

The college closely follows the goal that the school will become the domestic well-known ecological entrepreneurship university, constantly deepens teaching reform, strongly promotes discipline construction, focuses on strengthening scientific research, pays full attention to platform construction, speeds up the process of international cooperation and exchanges, vigorously improves the quality of personnel training, further enhances the innovation and entrepreneurship service ability, continuously improves the comprehensive strength of the college, and strives to build up our teaching research institute with higher influence in similar colleges of domestic agriculture and forestry universities.


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