CAFOR Center for China-Africa Agriculture and Forest Research (CAFOR)
time:Sep 10, 2018 14:14

Jointly founded by ZAFU and INBAR, CAFOR, by working with partners in Africa, aims to forge an education and scientific research platform on African agriculture, forestry science and technology to conduct collaborative scientific research on African agriculture and forestry development, and capacities building.



CAFOR’s vision is to mobilize South-South collaboration to address the development needs of countries in Africa, with a primary focus on countries that have potential to develop bamboo and other relevant sectors. This work will be conducted within a framework of promoting food security, environmental protection and poverty eradication.



Through science and technology cooperation under South-South cooperation frame, CAFOR’s mission is to promote technology transfer and dissemination of agriculture and forestry knowledge; raise levels of scientific research and technological cooperation; and promote the sustainable development of the agriculture and forest industry in Africa and China.


Strategic Goals

1.To establish a research and consulting institution supportive of South-South collaboration, especially between Africa and China.

2. To set up an institution supporting science and technology for agriculture and forestry in Africa that enables ZAFU and INBAR to provide their expertise on South-South collaboration.

3. To support African institutions of higher education in agriculture, forestry and capacity-building by training both established and young talented researchers.

4.To provide an information base for disseminating research results on the concept of the green economy, as well as data collection, that will enhance the academic quality and international status of the work of CAFOR research teams.


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