ZAFU focus on 10 research orientations: the industry of biological species, breeding healthy animals and biological agents, bio-based materials and biomass energy, agroforestry carbon sink and ecological environment rehabilitation, smart agroforestry, food quality & safety and the processing and trade of agroforestry products, cultivation of forest resources, inhabitation environment design and green architecture, eco-culture and Chinese farmers’ development. In the past five years, the university has received RMB 970 million in research funds for national research projects, and it has successively won eight national scientific research awards, published 5,595 articles, and obtained 1,307 patents.



The discipline is mainly devoted to the research on the systematic classifi-cation and development and utilization of landscape plant resources, the germplasm innovation and breeding of ...

  • Research Teams

  • Innovation Team of Bamboo Industry

  • Innovation Team of Flower Industry

  • Innovation Team of Seedling Industry

  • Creation and Innovation Team of Tea Culture Products

  • Innovation Team of Vegetable Industry (participate)

  • Innovation Team of Agricultural "three biopharmaceuticals" In...

  • Innovation Team of Fruit Industry (participate)

  • Innovation Team of Forestry carbon sequestration and measurem...

  • Innovation Team of Wood Processing Industry

  • Zhejiang Provincial Innovation Team of Woody Grain and Oil In...

  • Zhejiang Provincial Innovation Team of Grain and Oil Dry Farm...

  • Innovation Team of Vegetable cultivation Physiology and quali...


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