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The College of Landscape Architecture of Zhejiang A&F University is the only college which has three first-level discipline master programs in Landscape Architecture, Architecture, Urban and Rural Planning, one second-level discipline master program in Ornamental Plants and Horticulture, and one master program in a Landscape Architecture specialty. It mainly focuses on training highly specialized personnel for human settlement environment planning and design, construction and management with great scale, and durable strength and distinct characteristics. The College of Landscape Architecture is the abbreviation of the College of Landscape Architecture and College of Tourism and Health. It was created by combining the College of Landscape Architecture and the College of Tourism and Health in March 2011. The College was originally the Department of Landscape established in 1985 and was renamed the College of Landscape Architecture in 2005. The College of Tourism and Health was originally the Department of Tourism established in 2002, which was developed into the College of Tourism and Health in 2005.

The college now has 136 faculty and staff, including 15 professors and 41 associate professors. Among them 56 faculty members hold doctoral degrees (including doctoral candidates). More than 30 famous scholars and experts at home and abroad are invited to serve as visiting professors or adjunct professors. Currently, there are 1,903 undergraduate students, 258 postgraduate students, 75 international students and four joint training doctoral students. A majority of the faculty members come from Tsinghua University, Peking University, Tongji University, Beijing Forestry University and other top domestic universities. A teaching and research team with great durability, effective structure, and high overall quality has been formed, and leads in related areas among domestic colleges.

The college has specializations in Landscape, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Environmental Design (Landscape Art Design), and Tourist Management. Three specialties—Landscape, Architecture and Civil Engineering—belong to the first batch of undergraduate recruitment. The college focuses on teaching to improve the quality of students as its principle, and continuously deepens its teaching reforms. The college makes full use of practice teaching inside and outside the classroom, internship base, and science and technology service entities, which continuously carry out activities of discipline competition, design competition, scientific research projects, open laboratories, campus cultural activities and social practices. It further strengthens the creativity training through the establishment of a student innovation and entrepreneurship center, as well as a teacher-student studio, a holding academic salon and other such activities. In recent years, our students have attained excellent performances and obtained more than 100 awards in student design competitions, such as the World Federation of Landscape Architects, the UIA-Hopman Cup International College Student Architectural Design Competition, the national "Zhou Peiyuan College Mechanical Competition", "Challenge Cup" Philips National College Student Extracurricular Academic Science And Technology Work Competition, "Rui Tian Cup" Best Living Environment Design Competition and many others.

The college now has sixdisciplines, including: Ornamental Plants and Horticulture, Landscape Architecture, Civil Engineering, Tourism Management and Urban and Rural Planning. It has the provincial key science and technology innovation team of the flower industry, the provincial teaching team of ornamental plants, the provincial innovation demonstration base of postgraduate education and several other teaching research service platforms. The college takes advantage of its professional strength by insisting on combining teaching, research and field application. In recent years, several enterprises have set up a variety of scholarships of 200,000 yuan per year in our college. The college has won the second prize of national teaching achievement award, the first prize and the second prize of provincial teaching achievement award and other awards.

According to the university’s strategic plan, the college has established the "Landscape Architecture/Beautiful Country” Research Center, and determines four key research areas of garden plant application: landscape planning and design, green building, and built environmental ecological evaluation. It strives to reach the first class domestically. In recent years, the college has received more than 50 grants at the provincial level or above (17 are national scientific research projects), completed the South Bank landscape design of Hangzhou Xianghu Lake, the Ningbo Botanical Garden design, and the Shaoxing six-lake plants landscape planning, among others. These projects are worth over 50 million yuan. There are more than 20 scientific and technological achievements at the provincial level or above, and more than 40 publications. It has made a significant contribution to making Zhejiang a strong province in the landscape industry, flower seedling wood production, and leisure tourism.

The college actively conducts international exchanges and cooperation with universities and research institutes in the United States, Japan, the Netherlands, Australia, South Korea, etc.




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