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Xi Jinping, the formal provincial Party committee secretary of Zhejiang province, proposed the development strategy of "Efficient Ecological Agriculture" and emphasized the development philosophy of "Beautiful scenery is the new gold and silver mines" in 2003. In June 2007, in order to meet the development demands of the province, the College of Agriculture and Food Science of Zhejiang A&F University was established.

Over the past decade, the college has been adhering to the school mission of "Sincerity in Agriculture and Serving Farmers", shouldering the responsibility of promoting the agricultural modernization of Zhejiang province. It adheres to education-oriented and innovation-oriented value, condenses cultural advantages, and strives to become an "Agricultural Talents Education Base", a “Center of Excellence in Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation and Service " and an "Agricultural Culture Inheritance and Innovation Platform" in Zhejiang.

There are four first-level disciplines: Horticultural Science, Food Science and Engineering, Plant Protection, and Crop Science. They cover the whole supply chain "from the field to the dining table". Horticulture and Crop Sciences is the provincial first-level discipline.

A strong faculty team is one of the core competencies of the college. There are 112 faculty members, including 85 full-time teachers, of which 16 have senior professional titles and 36 have sub-senior professional titles. Among them, 79 hold doctoral degrees. One staff member is an academician from the Chinese academy of engineering, 3 are national talents, we have one national outstanding research team, and 24 provincial and ministerial talents.

The college adheres to taking the undergraduate education as the foundation, and gradually develops the postgraduate education, and strives to become the “Agricultural Talents Education Base” in Zhejiang province. There are 6 graduate programs: Horticulture, Facility Agriculture, Crop Science, Seed Industry, Plant Protection, and Food Processing and Safety. There are also 7 undergraduate programs: Horticulture, Plant Protection, Food Science and Engineering, Agronomy, Seed Science and Engineering, Food Quality and Safety, and Tea Science. Currently, there are 1,470 undergraduate students and 214 postgraduate students.

In the past three years, the undergraduates have obtained more than 100 scientific research innovation projects, including 10 national college students' innovation and entrepreneurship training projects, and 15 provincial science and technology innovation projects. The students published more than 60 academic articles as the first author. They won more than 10 ministerial and provincial-level prizes; the employment rate of graduates is up to 93%, and the ratio of undergraduates studying abroad and becoming self-employed is over 5%. The college has "Bayer", "Wuwangnong", "Xiaonong" and other enterprise scholarships.

In the past three years, more than 370 scientific research projects at all levels have been carried out, including 49 national projects and 80 provincial and ministerial-level projects. The research funding has exceeded RMB 65 million. More than 340 academic articles have been published, including more than 90 articles cited in SCI, EI and ISTP. Additionally, 55 authorized patents have been obtained. It has established scientific and technological cooperation with 22 cities (counties and districts) including Hangzhou, Ningbo and Wenzhou, and a large number of scientific research achievements have been transformed and have created economic and social benefits. In the past five years, the college has sent 46 provincial scientific special commissioners, in which 6 have been awarded the honorary titles of "Meritorious Scientific Special Commissioner of Zhejiang" and "Outstanding Scientific Special Commissioner of Zhejiang".

The college has multiple provincial scientific research innovation platforms such as Key laboratory of quality improvement technology, China-Netherlands Seed Technology Research Center, Product Processing Technology R&D Center, Tuber Crop Research Center, Provincial Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Plant Production and 2 undergraduate experimental teaching centers. The total area of the laboratory is 9,000 m2, and the total value of the instrument and equipment is over RMB 50 million. In addition, it has the modern intelligent glass greenhouse, crops specimen garden and other on-campus practice and training bases, and also has more than 50 off-campus practice bases, including National Research Institute of Rice, Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Wu Wangnong Group, and Zhejiang Agriculture Seed Industry Co., Ltd.

The college actively conducts academic exchanges and has established research partnerships with universities and research institutes from 18 countries and regions.



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