■ Job opportunity for experts and scholars
Job opportunity for foreign language teachers

Job opportunity for experts and scholars

1. Areas of disciplines:

City Planning, Forest Management, English Language, Japanese Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Food Science and Technology, Environmental
Science, Gardening, Architectural Design, Artistic Designing, Film-TV Advertisement and Technology, CAD (Cartoon), Dressmaking Technology,
Horticultural Botany, Computer Network, Multi-media Technology, Information Systems, Electronic Engineering, Data Storage, International Economy and Trade,
International Finance, Business Administration, News and Propagation, Advertisement, Science of Law, Philosophy, Political Economy, Tourist Management.

2. Requirements

Master and higher degrees, high-ranking academic or technical titles

3. Related benefits

A flat of some 120 square meters and funds for starting research activities RMB 50-200 thousand to every professor; settling-in allowance RMB 80-150 thousand and funds for starting research activities RMB 50-100 thousand for every homecoming doctor from abroad. Proper job will be arranged for every spouse. Personnel of extraordinary abilities will enjoy special privileges.

4. Correspondence

Human Resources Department, Zhejiang A&F University, Lin'an, Zhejiang,311300, China
Tel: +86 571 63732719
Fax: +86 571 63732719
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Job opportunity for foreign language teachers

Foreign language teachers are wanted in Zhejiang A&F University

Foreign language teachers are wanted in Zhejiang A&F University. They will be distributed to teach English related courses. Any applications from foreign teachers are welcome.

1. Materials to be submitted

1. A detailed resume with your phone number, fax number, and email address.
2. A copy of recommendation letter from your previous employer or reference letter from a university.
3. A photocopy of medical examination report within three months, which is needed to apply for an expert certificate (or you have to get it in China).
4. A photocopy of passport (It is more efficient if it is scanned into a computer and emailed to us).

2. Requirements

1. Native English Speakers, born and growing up in an English speaking country such as America, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand;
3. Holding at least a Bachelor's degree, better with an MA degree. It is preferable to have a degree in English language or literature or history.
2. Physically healthy, easy- going, open minded, and cooperative.

3. Job description

Teaching 16 periods (about 13.5 hours) per week, extra hours of teaching will be paid with extra money.
Teaching English related courses such as English conversation, English writing, English culture.

4. The university offers

1.Monthly salary is negotiable.
2.Travel allowance: RMB 2200 for one academic year's contract.
3.International traveling allowance: a round-trip air ticket for a contract year will be offered (for half a year contract, the allowance will be a half). But the maximum allowance is RMB 7000 .
4. Accommodation: You will be offered free a furnished apartment about 45 square meters, with all the necessary living facilities including water heater, air conditioner, essential furniture, kitchen facilities, telephone, etc. The University will pay RMB 100 per month for water and electricity, which will be paid to the university enterprise directly.
5. Communication: a DDD telephone is installed in each apartment, by which you can access the INTERNET with your own computer. Another about RMB 100 will be paid for your telephone bill per month. Certainly, you can access the INTERNET at net bars inside or outside the campus.
6. Medicine: foreign teachers are suggested to buy international medical insurance in their own countries, and they can get no more than RMB 30.00 per month from the university based on the actual pay.
7. Insurance: ZAFU will offer an accident insurance .

5. Furthermore benefits to foreign teachers

1. We will send you a Letter of Invitation for "Z" class foreign expert visa and working permit application.
2. The University will apply for the residence permit with a multi-entry Working visa, expert certificate for foreign teachers, and help them to get health checked in Hangzhou.
3. Foreign teachers will be picked up at Shanghai or PudonInternational Airport from Aug. 26-29, after that period, they will be picked up in Hangzhou International Airport.
4. Foreign teachers can get 2 months' vacation with salary for one academic year contract.
5. Foreign teachers can travel in or out of China in vacation.

6. Contact 
Vickie Ge (Appointed Correspondent)
Tel: +86-571-63740038
Fax: +86-571-63741136
E-mail: international@zafu.edu.cn

International Office
Zhejiang A&F University
Lin'an, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, 311300