Student Organizations

With a number of almost 24,000 students presently, there are altogether 42 associations in 3 categories: theoretical research, academic research and hobbies. Besides enriching second class fulfillment, some associations participated in various competitions on behalf of the University in recent years; they have obtained great achievements: a second prize was won by our Mathematical Modeling Association in the China University Mathematical Contest in Modeling, a second prize and a third prize were won in the same competition of provincial level, and two prizes of undergraduate group were won at the provincial level; one first prize, two second prizes, and four third prizes were won by our English Association in National University Student's English Contest; one bronze prize was won by our University Students Management & Research Association in Challenge Cup for Heavenly-Silicon-Valley-Undertaking-Planning Competition; one first prize was won in the provincial level by our Women Basketball Team from our Basketball Association in 2002 China University Basketball Association (CUBA); first and second prizes were won for eleven excellent papers from our students in 2000-2001 Seminar for China University Students on Forestry Economy. Moreover, having been favorable commented by various social circles, the newly established Economy Association, the Postgraduate Qualifying Examination Club, Scien-Tech Association etc, also have a strong influence on the students; the program, Moving Towards 16th Conference, Moving Towards New Brilliance was originated by our Deng Xiaoping seminar. The yearly cultural and artistic activities on a whole school scale are as follows: Cultural & Artistic Festival, Students Festival, Associations Festival. Since 1989, Cultural & Artistic Festival have held 13 sessions. With each being conducted in spring time, the festival covers the following contents: Grand Competition for Undertaking Planning, Competition for University Students’ Scien-Tech works on Academic from outside class, Month for Young Volunteers, Friendship-tie Activity for Young Campus Staff, Entrepreneurs’ Forum, Month for Academic Report, Tianmu Peak Forum, and others.

Having been held in every autumn, the 12th Students Festival concluded a short time ago, with the theme of looking for the truth, respecting work, being practical, innovation; its contents covered the following aspects: University Student's Debate Competition, Match of the Computer, Top-Ten -Campus Singer's Match, Ceramics Art Show, Undertaking-Start forum, Large stand of the youth, and so on.

With the aim of presenting the elegance of our association, our culture-centered Association Festival is to promote the main themes as follows: Artistic Exhibition of Paintings, Poem Recitation Dubbed in Background Music, Legal Activity Month, Patriotic Action, Psychological Health & Sex Knowledge Propagation, and others; the festival it to fully-embody our high class campus activities, to fully demonstrate the elegance of our campus students. As a whole campus level, the culture-centered university students associations mentioned above have fully reflected the purposes as follows: to refine life, to take root in art, to serve the students, to make our school prosperous, hence they are the mainstay of our campus culture, a window for civilization; activities, such as the Concert of the Symphony and the Annual Theatrical Evening on New Year’s Eve sponsored by student associations, are the highest artistic level in ZAFU.